Sharing Your Information

Data Sharing within the NHS - Your Health Records

Sharing Your Information

The NHS shares patient data on many different levels. It is important that you understand what information is being shared and with whom, so you can make decide whether you want to share your information.

For more information about what information from your health record is shared and why, follow this link.

There is a translation page to help make it easier for you to become familiar with what is happening to your patient record.

Sharing Your Health Record

You can choose not to share your electronic health record with any other service, but you must think about whether or not your information might help other health care professionals to give you better care.

1. Summary Care Record

2. Data Sharing

The NHS Choices website tells you about data sharing with other organisations - what will be shared, and how.

If you are at all worried about the use of this information please ask to speak to someone at the Great Western Surgery who will discuss your worries with you.

We use TPP Clinical System to maintain our records. Please use this link to understand how you can manage your data within the system.

3. Sharing information from your medical record with other care services

Computerised records are kept in most organisations where you receive healthcare. It is up to you to choose who you wish to see your information. You will be asked by a Doctor or Nurse who you want to be able to see your record. Your record will then reflect how you wish your information to be shared. Your record will not be shared with anyone until you have told us how you wish your information to be shared.

For example you could be receiving care from 3 different services (see diagram);

You may decide that you want your GP and District Nurse to share information with each other and to know how you are getting on at the Smoke Stop clinic. But you may not want the Smoke Stop clinic staff to see your other medical information. Your sharing settings would then look like the picture below:

Sharing Your Information

4. Predicting and Preventing Emergency Admissions

The Secretary of State for Health has asked that GPs predict which patients are most likely to need emergency admission to hospital.

By doing this, using patient identifiable information, it is hoped that GPs and other healthcare professionals, like Community Matrons, can tailor care for patients before they need emergency treatment and so help patients remain at home.

This practice is taking part in this process. The information can only be viewed by Doctors and Nurses at this practice. We hope this will benefit our patients and give them better care and treatment in their own homes when they need it.

GPs are part of the planning of local healthcare services and it is hoped that this exercise will help developing better services for patients.

If you choose not to have your information included in Summary Care Record, you will automatically be left out of this work also.